Saturday, April 1, 2017

Skincare. Who Me? Yes Me!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for stopping in! It has been a long time since I have posted on this site. That's okay though! It means that life has been full and blessed! So much has changed since my last post, but I am going to save that for another day. I wanted to write about my newest adventure. Some of you have been seeing on social media, recently, that I have joined up with a skincare company. Rodan & Fields. (Keep reading! It's not a sales pitch. It's my WHY, for now) I am a stay at home mom. However included in that 24/7 job, I am also a triple business owner. Most importantly is my husbands trucking business. He is the bread winner in our home and he works so hard so that I can stay and work from home with the kids. I do all of the bookkeeping for him along with errand running for the business. Second most important is my Vintage Event Rental business I co-own with my longest and best friend. We have owned this business for 4 years now. And while we love it, we have recently decided it was time to move on. You can read about the sale here. I am the physical workhorse in the company, while my co-owner is the technical workhorse. It has been a great balance for us, however I am ready to have my weekends back with my kiddos along with not having them in the car on deliveries with me 2 times a week. And lastly is my photography business. I have let this take a back seat for me, however it does still take time to try and stay in the loop. So add all these up. I'm a bit busy.

Let's rewind from today's date, back a couple months ago. Age. it has somewhat b*tched slapped me in the face. I haven't ever been one to complain or fear aging. BUT 30-34 has really kicked me in the booty and as much as I try to be verbally strong, so my daughter has a strong roll model, my skin was making it very difficult. I have noticed more lines, creases, wrinkles, dullness, dryness, patchiness, and overall ick these past 4 years and I wanted something to change. I have NEVER been one to take care of my skin well. I would grab a wash cloth and use whatever soap was in the soap pump. I would scrub with the cloth until it came off. Every now and then I would grab Oil of Olay at Walmart and use that until my face was so greasy I had to stop, and then I would find whatever I had laying around the house. In my teens, I remember purchasing a Clinique skincare set and I felt cool because I had actually spent money on something designed for skincare. I only used it that one time. SO, while I was observing my skin a few months ago, I decided I needed skincare. I drove myself down to Macy's. I waited to ask the lady (a Clinique consultant) about what I should get for my face. She was helping another client... and it was taking forever. (I waited almost 25 minutes. She never once acknowledged me either) I read the signs, and grabbed what I thought I needed. Bam! Take my money. I used the product for almost 2 months and my skin was left with breakouts on my chin and severely dry and chapped skin on my cheeks. I wasn't loving it. So now, fast forward to a month or so ago. I was sitting in my kids gymnastics class talk to my friend Michelle. Her skin looked amazing. I see Michelle often and we talk face to face often, but that day, her face stood out to me. It looked healthy, clear, and radiant. I literally asked her what she used on her face. She smiled and said, Funny you should ask. I have been using Rodan & Fields for the past couple months and it has changed my skin! I want you to try it."

Let's pause for a second.
1) I had only recently heard about Rodan & Fields.
2) I was looking for new skincare.
3) Whether Michelle was being a "salesperson" or a "friend" I don't care. I was looking for new skincare.
4) Yes, It is a multi-level marketing business.

Let's continue.
Michelle had also decided after using the products for a few months, to join the Rodan & Fields business team! She was a consultant. Later she invited me to her launch event. There I was able to hear more about the product, the doctors that developed this line, and also do a facial using the Microdermabrasion Paste, The Lip Renewing Serum and the Night Renewing Serum. I was in love! I wanted more. I wanted to try a whole Regimen. I took the solutions tool kit to see what I would need. And then I just let it all sit in my head for a few days. I started looking into the savings if I joined as a consultant. Here is my thought process on the whole thing.

1) Yep, Multi-level marketing is craycray
2) Yep, Facebook is saturated with women selling the latest and greatest.
3) Yep, I will get eye-rolls from behind computers.
4) Yep, I will get laughed at.
5) I don't know much about skincare.
6) I can learn.
7) It would be cool if I could make some money with this, even if it's to pay for my product.
8) It's not cheap.
9) But what if...
10) Forget the haters and the no'ers. It's worth a shot. There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! ha!

So, I took the plunge. I purchased my regimen along with my business kit. And I am excited. Even if it doesn't workout I am excited. Even if I get 100 No's I am excited. Even if I have to travel to Australia to get people to say Yes I am excited.

Who reading this has ever walked into Macy's. Chatted with the girl behind the counter, listened to her ooh and ahh over your skin, and hand you products to make it better. Do you know... that she was just a girl looking for a job. With no experience. Many men and women are hired and pushed to get the sales and the training comes later. No, not every person who joins a cosmetic counter is inexperienced. Just like not every person who joins R&A is inexperienced. We have lawyers, doctors, salon owners, and other professional and well educated men and women who believe in this product. So when you look at me, joining Rodan & Fields, think about your next trip to the Cosmetic counter. There is hope for me. ;)

Have you ever walked into Target, in your active wear, while waiting for your kids to get out of school. "Oh I'm just going to go kill time at Target LOOKING around." you tell your girlfriend on the phone while parking. Only to call her 2 hours later.. "OH MY GOSH, I just spent $274 dollars! I didn't need all this crap but UH! Target!" And don't forget to grab your $4 coffee out of the shopping cart. Because Target knows MARKETING. If you build it they will come. So they built a Starbucks right into their store. (If I put a Starbucks in my living room will you all come spend $274 with me?) Anyways, If you can spend $274 at Target on stuff you don't need. You can purchase a Regimen,  and give it a try. If you don't like it you can return it. (Just like at Target)

Also, we can't prevent aging. I understand that. It's natural, It's part of life. We will get wrinkles, our skin will sag, our ears get longer our noses droopier. I get it. BUT, if there is something that will slow this process down and help diminish fine lines. A product that will help with adult acne and dark spots. Then, isn't it worth talking about?

So all this to say. You can roll your eyes at yet another mama trying a new adventure. A mama who loves being home with her kiddos, but also enjoys business and working. A mama, who is trying to embrace aging.

If you want to be entered in a drawing for a free eye cream and you want to show your support and ♥ for me. CLICK HERE and take the R&A Solutions Tool, make sure you use my name (Lacie Lacy)

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