Saturday, April 23, 2011

Late Night Pilgrim

Don't ask my about the title of this post. Basically it's 1AM (1:01 to be exact) I feel like I haven't posted in quite sometime and I had writer's block for the title. I grabbed the first thing I found on my desk. (It was a CD Booklet and one of the song titles was Late Night Pilgrim. And there ya have it.

So I find myself throughout the day coming across and thinking up incredibly fun and interesting posts. And then I re-enter The Real World and when I go to type I get nothing! It's slightly irritating. I am just glad I didn't promise my followers a schedule posting throughout the week. So I suppose I can't say I'm a failure... right? Just to forewarn, this post may be lenthy as I try to remember the things I was going to write about.

It has been an exhausting and emotional 3 weeks. My brother-in-law's father passed away 2 weeks ago. He was a wonderful man. He seriously had the most joyful smile ever!! Check it out below.. (this picture was taken at the sock hop I planned for my MIL 60th!) :)

No matter how ill a person gets and how you know that their time on earth may be limited... nothing prepares you for death. I had never experienced death until 7 years ago. Ron's grandpa died. I had met the man only 2 weeks prior. I love him instantly. When I walked into the living room to meet him. He said "Are you my new grandaughter-in-law?" and gave me a hug. I was sad that he had died, but I didn't have the emptiness. I did however feel true sadness and helplessness for the family I was becomming a part of. After Grandpa Ralphs passing it was years before the next horrible phone call. It was around 5 or 6 in the morning and my cellphone rang. Now I don't know about you, but if my phone rings after 10pm and before 7am... I get a sick feeling in my stomach that something bad has happend. So that morning I see the caller ID is my dad. I pick up the phone and say hello. There was a pause... and then my dad says "My dad died". It was not expected, I was half asleep. We weren't super close with him, but it still hurt. It felt so wierd. Since then and just this past year, we've received 3 more of those calls. Each one gets harder for me. Though I believe in heaven and I believe that the family member's that passed are there. Death is a reminder to me that life is short. That we're all getting older. I can go on with some more personal depressing thoughts but I will stop. So I guess I wrote all of that just to say that I want things to change. I want to spend more time with the ones I love and cherish the most. I want to spend as much time loving my family learning more about each person and connecting with them on a level that I haven't yet. I encourage you to do the same. 

Another thing I was going to blog about: RUDE and COLD people. They really piss me off. I will be going through my facebook friends and removing those that I feel are fake friends, on my list because they just want to .... well I really don't know why. But their gonners. I would also like to start kicking people who are rude. What happened to good ol' fashion customer service. It seems as though every grocery store I go to the checkers don't say Hi anymore. I walk to the little counter, he/she starts grabbing my items and quickly scan them while throwing them in a bag. They don't look at me, I stare at the screen. (watching the small amount of groceries create a list that I know will soon deplete  my checking accounty- another post, another day) Somedays I'll just act like a crazy happy person. That's always entertaining. I went to a friends son birthday party a week or so ago. "someone" who is on my friends list was there and did not greet me until I said hello and as she sat in the same room (only 4 of us in there) did not make any effort to strike up a conversation and was as cold as ice. Here's the deal. I feel that I am a kind and friendly person. I feel that I have always been able to strike a conversation with most people. But within the past year. I'm over kissing ass. (pardon the french) I hate the feeling of trying to talk to someone, as cold as ice, and feeling like you have to "get on their good side". I'm done. Over it. I don't need to waste my time or energy. I know.... I'm soooo mean.   Thank you for letting me rant. I'm all done now. On that topic.

Let's change the mood: Let's do funny. Only some people will understand this section.
So today I had to assist in the collection of a sample that needed to be taken to the hospital to be tested. (Another fun part of the journey of infertility) The "sample" needs to be at the lab within 30 minutes of collection. I live 25-30 minutes from the hospital. I left my house in a mad rush and drove 65 (in a 45) honked at one person, hand flipped another, and wished I had a huge flashing sign on the top of my car explaining me crazy antics. I made it to the hospital with only 5 minutes to spare. I walk in and of course was attacked by the pink ladies. (No, not the ones from Grease, that would have been fun!!) The ladies started giving me directions to the lab. I explained I need to get there NOW. I think I walked away from her as she was still talking. I stopped at Patient Registration (that's what the pink lady told me to do) The lady told me she would be with me in just a few moments. I explained to her that I did not have a few minutes. She looked puzzled. I grabbed the brown paper bag that was tucked under my arm, under my sweatshirt and explained what the sample was. It was at that moment that I realized I said it really loud and there was a whole waiting area full of people. I booked it down to the lap drop off window. At this point I was now kind of embarrased. Anyways, the sample made it in time and the results were good. :)

Food: Tonight I made two dishes of homemade (from scratch) Macaroni and Cheese. It is SO good. I will be posting the recipe next week with some pics.

Festivities: Tomorrow I will have 40+ people at my house for my annual Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck. I am looking forward to it and praying for good weather. I am making homemade Jalapeno Poppers (recipe to follow), Macaroni & Cheese, Lasagna (okay, I bought it frozen at Costco. I didn't feel like making a lasagna tonight so I cheated.) I will definately be on a "healthy lifestyle change" (fancy name for diet) tomorrow.

Excitment: I am planning my best friend Maria's bridal shower and I am really excited!!

It's 1:45 now and I think this post is pretty pointless. If you read the whole thing I think you're pretty freaking amazing. :) Sometimes a blog post is a cool way of getting things off your chest. (I wish I could get a lot more off my chest, but that would require surgery and a LOT of money) :)
Anyways, Have a blessed Easter Weekend. It's not about the candy, a bunny, and eggs. (though that's fun) It's about Jesus, he died and rose again. 
Also, Sunday marks the start of National Infertiltiy Week. Stay tuned please!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hmmmm.. what shall I blog about.

Do you ever find yourself walking aimlessly around your house trying to think up something to blog about. That was me. For some reason I felt that I had people waiting on me. ha! Are you? I need to write down things as I think about them during the week, driving around town. I always have good thoughts and ideas and then I sit myself down in front of the computer and..... nothing..nada...zilch.

(I am posting this too because once again I want to show you my good faith effort to blog again. Fail) (But we're getting a bit longer than just a title. So we're headed in the right direction.... right?)

Monday.... Bleh.

(I am posting this because I want you to know that I did make an effort to blog on Monday. The title is as far as it got!)