Thursday, March 24, 2011

Think It Up Thursday

So I totally made the title up. Kind of dumb but I'm going to roll with it.

Well today was about the same as most days here.
Braless and unshowered until midafternoon.
Phone call from husband asking... What's for dinner.
Me mentally thinking 'whatever you're cooking'.
But actually saying, I don't know babe, do Enchilada's sound good?
He says yes, phone call ends.
I go to the kitchen to look to see if I even have the stuff to make Enchiladas.
I don't.

So.... I got creative. I pretended to be on Top Chef and I was in a challenge. I had certain ingredients to work with and I had to make an entree' all on my own.... FROM SCRATCH!

Here is my version tonight of an enchilada casserole thingy.

What I used to make my enchilada sauce.

1 Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 Can of Tomato Sauce
Add in Chili Powder (I don't measure so I have no clue how much I put in) I would guess a couple teaspoons
Add in Cayenne Pepper, this stuff can get spicy so be careful.
Add Cumin, couple teaspoons
Add Coriander, couple teaspoons
Sweet Paprika, couple teaspoons.
Bring to a boil... taste... add more of spices and salt until you are satisfied.
I added some canned tomatoes.

(I must say my house smelled so incredible. I am a spice hoarder. I love them! I add spice to everything. (haha!) but really. Get creative from your spice cabinet!!)

Then I cooked a box of Zataran's Spanish Rice

Cooked up my meat. I used Ground Elk. But any meat will work, chicken, ground beef, shredded beef. etc.

I also added Black Beans to bring some nutrition to this fatty dish. Plus I ♥ black beans!

After your sauce has been brought to a boil, your rice is cooked, and your meat is done grab your tortillas.
I used a low carb high fiber tortilla because that was all that was in my fridge. And I only had 2 of them. Lucky me I had just bought a bag of corn tortillas so I made one of my 'chiladas with corn tortillas.
Don't forget to Grate some cheese!!! I would have preferred PepperJack Cheese but Cheddar was what we had. It works!

Put a scoop of each (sauce, rice and meat) into the tortilla. Add a couple pinches of cheese. Roll and place in a greased oven safe dish.

NOW... once you have your 'chiladas rolled and in your dish you will more than likely have some leftovers of rice, meat and sauce. Pour it over the top. Take the rest of the grated cheese..... Oh but before you do anything with it. Take a pinch roll it into a ball like below....

And eat it. :) (I am a cheese lover and cannot have any cheese near me without eating some)

After you eat your cheeseball sprinkle the rest on top of your dish.

Cover with foil and bake until cheese is melted and warm all the way thru.
I left mine in for 30 minutes then removed the foil until the cheese was perfect!
Serve with a scoop of sourcream!

This isn't anything fancy. And frankly with enough cheese you can make almost anything taste good!

Things I would have loved to add if I had them in the pantry...
green chilies

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My papa and me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Truth Filled Tuesday

Truth be told...
I did not wash my hair today. The reason being I was feeling lazy and did not want to have to brush it and style it. I did shower however!

Truth be told...

I ate a McDonalds Spicy Chicken Sandwhich today. It was gross, I mentally chewed myself out after eating it.

Truth be told...
I continue to paint over my toenail polish because I keep forgetting to take off the old crap.

Truth be told...
I cried during Biggest Loser tonight.

Truth be told...
I purchased bulbs (flowers) last fall to plant. They sat in my garage and have sprouted in the bags while some have molded. I purchased more bulbs (flowers) today. I dug two big holes, poured all the bulbs in the holes, filled them up and called it good. We'll see what happens. (I'll keep you posted)

Truth be told...
I wanted my husband to think I was a good wife by folding all the laundry. (If he were to open my closet and look behind my plastic bin of tanks and T's... he would find the laundry basket with 2 loads of unfolded clothes.)

Truth be told...
I facebook stalked some people today. I know lame. You know you're guilty of it too so hush up.

Truth be told...
I am ending this post and walking to the freezer to finish off the Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. Good thing our final BL competition weigh in is this Sunday. Bleh!

What's your Truth be told... for today?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

101 Things...

I bought this book right after I had Dillon. I saw it at Barne's and Noble looked thru it and then bought it off Amazon (love buying them used, cheaper)

It really is true that time flies buy so fast. As much as I love watching Dillon grow, I do wish there was a pause button and I could freeze him. This book has so many things I have never thought of, so many great ideas. I can't wait to cross a lot of these out, some we already have. :) Here is a peek into the book. 

Dillon likes it too!

So... finally.... taking the plunge.

Well, here I am. Getting ready to announce to friends that I am now a personal blogger. If you read the post before this you will see that I started it in December. Well actually it was probably 6 months before that, I just never had the guts to commit. I still don't. But I will try. Because I know so many people are interested in reading what I have to write. :) right?

Here's what I can guarantee you?
  1. You will learn that I am a total nerd who sometimes thinks I am really cool.
  2. You will laugh at me.
  3. There WILL be typos and incorrectly spelled words.
  4. I am normal. (I hope)
Here's what I can't guarantee you?
  1. A schedule of when and what I will be posting. I basically stink at any kind of schedule or set times.
  2. That you will always like what I have to post.
  3. That you will someday win the lottery.
Here is a little bit about me. It's always good to know a little bit about the person you are stalking following. ;) (first of all... I do smiley faces often. :) <---see. :) :) :) :)

Okay here we go. Love me or hate me.
Things I ♥
I love Jesus, I love my husband, I love my son, I love my family. (In that order too!)
I love love love photography, the smell of fresh cut grass, the ocean, coffee, pizza, the movie Dirty Dancing, piano music, live music, daydreaming, laying in a hammock, children's laughter, giving gifts, making people smile, staying up late, pretending I can cook, fishing, camping, hiking, horses, waterfalls, reading a good book, bookstores, my 90 yeard old barn, laughing, eating out at good restraunts, playing pinochle (it is not just for old people!) traveling, collecting junk treasures, {loved} being pregnant, being a mommy, ... shall I keep going? I could

Things I do not like
When I am wearing socks and I step in something wet..gag, cocky personalities, when my son wakes up from a nap cranky (like right now, ugh!), when you go thru a drive thru and they don't put any napkins in your bag, when my coffee cup is empty, folding the whites (is it just me or is matching socks horrible!) waiting for something I am excited about, a bruised tailbone (watch out for the metal slide in Ensenada, Mexico) waking up early. (There are more, but I'm in a good mood and don't want to be a Debbie downer.

Things I dream of
Traveling to Italy and Spain, being pregnant again, being a better photographer, building my dream house, running wogging (walk/jogging) farther than 3 miles, owning a house on a lake (well not ON a lake but on the bank of the lake would be incredible, new camera gear, wearing a bikini. :)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the time you wasted here, :)
Thank you for reading!
Have a blessed day!