Friday, July 22, 2011

supernaturally equipped

Two posts in one week! What is wrong with me? (Don't answer that!)
****DISCLAIMER: I lack correct punctuation. I ramble and sometimes you'll finish reading one of my posts and be more confused than ever!. Have fun!

I wanted to share a devotional I read tonight and how this hit home for me. But first read the devotional. This is from Joyce Meyer, Starting and ending your day. (great book with short but powerful devotions) You can buy it here.

Go your way....And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

I spent a lot of time in years gone by learning to enjoy my life. The key phrase is my life. I learned not to covet someone else's life, but to enjoy mine. It has not been easy and I am still learning. But one thing I do know is that it is God's will for you to enjoy the life He has provided. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You must make a decision to enjoy everyday life.
Enjoying life does not mean you have something exciting going on all the time; it simply means you enjoy simple, everyday things. Most of life is rather ordinary, but you are supernaturally equipped with the power of God to live ordinary everyday life in an extraordinary way.
Live life to the fullest and be a witness to the power of God that is available to everyone.

This devotion, for me, was awesome. I don't know what other word(s) to use right now. Perhaps, right on, what I needed, a perfect reminder.... All I know is when I decided tonight to pick up this book, a book that I so often forget about, it was the Lord's plan that I read not today's date but a few days ahead. (It's my rebellious nature...☺) So often I find myself getting wrapped up in other peoples lives. I find myself envious of others. (I don't like that word. It sounds so mean.... so sinful.) With so many social networking sites, people posting everything about their life for everyone to see and the social media making you feel that you don't have enough it's a never ending battle not to be slightly envious of someone else. Someone said to me once that people post (on facebook, twitter etc) what they want people to think their life is. (Those weren't the exact words but I can't fully remember. I will blame that on mommy brain) While this is not entirely true, I do find some truth in it. Not too many people air out their dirty laundry. (Which is great, because really, online is not the place to do that) But there are times I find myself irritated with my life. One of those days where you over-exaggerate every bad thing that has happened throughout your entire life.... starting at birth. ha! Then you get on facebook and everyone's husbands are buying them flowers, their kids are perfect, business is booming, and they just farted and it smelled like cotton candy. OR there are those times that you're having a fine day and you sit down pick up a magazine or get online and you start thinking and wishing you had "that" persons life or "that" persons money or whatever it may be. (I think at this point I am rambling and more than likely not making any sense whatsoever....I'm going to roll with it though.)

I guess why this devotional hit home for me was because sometimes I loose site of what really matters. I begin to compare myself and my life to others via what they post on facebook. What I see in magazines etc..... This devotion was a reminder that I need to enjoy what I have been blessed with. It was also a slap in the face because it made me realize how much more I need the Lord in my life!!!

Did this devotion hit home for you?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Truth Filled Tuesday (and some other random nonsense)

1) I completely forgot about this blog! No literally, up until the other day I have not thought once about this blog since my last post. I forget so many things. Like my lunch that is sitting at home on my kitchen counter... along with 2 clients pictures I was to drop of today.... arggggg. Can I blame this on old age and being a mom?

2) I didn't shower today. I gave myself a "spit" bath and sprayed some water on my hair to make it look like I did something with it.... but in all reality, I rolled out of bed did some chores and was too lazy to take a shower. (Did I put this on my last Truth filled tuesday?) oops.

3) I pretended that I had thousands of dollars in my bank account this morning. Went onto racked up a HUGE bill in the shopping cart of some SUPER cute items.... then I deleted everything, x'd out of the page and went about my day.

4) I have really poor use of grammar! If you judge me I don't like ya. It aint nice to be mean.

5) I sometimes stand in the mirror and practice my supermodel poses, just in case I'm ever asked to be on the cover of a magazine. I even put my osculating fan in front of me so my hair blows all diva like.

Well I better get back to work. If you want to share 5 truths about yourself that would be kinda fun! Leave a comment with the link to your truths!

Have a great day!