Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday...

Hello!!! ( this was originally wrote on friday... I forgot to post it)

1) Why do people do stupid things? Shooting innocent people... in a movie theater...   I will never understand why people do the things they do at this magnitude. It makes me scared to go in public sometimes. But it also makes me want to CCW (carry a concealed weapon) more. Just think.. if someone, had a CCW in that theater, they could have fought back. And that piece of scum would have been laying on the theater floor too. Not walking in the parking lot. Sad... Very sad...

2) Prayers would be appreciated. We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday!! It was amazing, beautiful, comforting but a little nerve wracking. My placenta at the beginning of the US was very low. It was on top of the cervix. Which normally is NOT where you want it. It doesn't harm the pregnancy so to speak, but if the placenta stays on the cervix it blocks the baby's way out vaginally and I would have a C-Section. Luckily my placenta moved up and away from the Cervix during the ultrasound so it wasn't a concern anymore. The explanation from my (amazing) ultrasound tech is that I was most likely having a Braxton hicks contraction (normal) and it was causing the placenta to be pushed down. The contraction was over so the placenta was up. However I do have an anterior placenta which explains why I haven't really felt the baby until now. I can't remember exactly but I felt Dillon around 18 weeks. I was getting nervous that something was wrong with this baby because I wasn't feeling kicks. (I would feel a small rolling sensation and some pressure on the side but never very strong and never a "oh that was a kick!") It was just bacsuse the placenta was making an extra cushion (like a need more cushion ha!) between the baby and my belly. We did have to do a transvaginal ultrasound at the end to check on the positioning and it was noticed that there is something odd on top of my cervix. (I am so bad at repeating things medically so bear with me) There is some type of artery/vessel at the top of my cervix. It is not common and they don't know why it is there. The blood flow pattern was odd too. So according to the Perniatologist I spoke to yesterday there. She is NOT concerned at all. It does not look like it is posing a risk to anything. BUT they want to keep an eye on it. I will go back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound to check on it and hopefully find out more about it. So prayer about that would be nice as even though the Dr. says she is not concerned... I am a little. Giving it to God.

3) My friend Richelle was also my ultrasound tech. She is so sweet. and... She knows what we are having!!! So Richelle if you're reading this you can giggle at me if I am completely off! :) {HUG}  Up until the last week or two I was thinking it's a girl. But... within these last 2 weeks I've switched. I think it's a boy... Yesterday at the ultrasound Dillon came right out and said. "Is that my baby brother?" (looking at the ultrasound of my ovaries. ha!) So 20 more weeks and we'll see. We have the DVD of the US session yesterday. I told Ron we should have a gender reveal party and watch it with friends and family and we would all see what it is at the same time..... then I changed my mind. We will wait until December. :) (insert evil laugh here)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late night, can't sleep, name game, dilema.

Naming your child is hard. Especially when everyone you know has kids.... and has chosen many of the names you wanted for your children. Not their fault at all.

When I was pregnant with Dillon and before I knew what sex he was I had one girl name chosen and not too many people that I knew had used that name. We hadn't really discussed names so it wasn't until we knew he was a boy that we put the girl name to the side and focused on boy names. I love the thought of carrying on names in the family but also wanted something original for ourselves and "our" little family. I know I wanted to use my dad's name, Michael, as my son's middle name. After all since I took Ron's last name and it will be carried on my father's name should be carried on too. We went through a dozen names before we finally decided and agreed upon, in the hospital after he was born, on Dillon Michael Lacy. I love it. His name means faithful one. It fits him, It rolls off my tongue and I love writing it.

Now here we are with baby #2 on the way. We don't know if it's a boy or girl and we won't know until she/he is here in December. (I don't want to hear the complaints ☺) The girl name I love is pulled back to the front burner.... but now a handful of people I know have daughters named this name too. I'm starting to feel like it's a "John" name. (The name John was the 1st most popular name for like 15 years on the SSA website.) ha! But I love the name. It's my mother in law's middle name and then I will use my mother's middle name for the baby's middle name. (this is if it's a girl, fingers crossed) I love that I love the names, and I love that they are family names. It's cute for a little girl and beautiful and sophisticated for a woman. I am 90% sure I will love this name forever... but 10% of me hates that it's so popular. ugh. My second and third place names for a little lady are also becoming more popular and I have 2 friends with daughters the same names.

Am I the only one who gets a little wierd-ed out about naming your kid the same as your friends kid? I always think... will they think I'm trying to copy them? Will they be offended if I used that name... even if it's been on my name list since Ron and I were married? Will my kid hate me for naming them such a popular name? Ask my sister... I am wierd when it comes to naming my kid. She hates helping me. Example: She will mention a name.... I will remember a kid from my elementary school that was rude to girls and I will be completely against the name. Example: She will mention a name... I will remember a girl with that name that picked her nose and ate her boogers and I will be completely against the name. Basically if there is one gross, bad, annoying moment, movie with a bad guy named "that"... I am against the name. This makes it difficult.

Tonight I decided to get online and start making a list of names I like. I started making my girl list. The list I am so in love with right now and really hope I get to choose from in December. So far I have 10 names and I'm still adding. Then I think... well what if it's a boy.... Here's where the major dilema starts for me.... (sorry if I offend any family members. Write your congressman if you are. ha!)

Boy names.... on Ron's side of the family..... are outdated and to me.... not cool. Boy names on my side of the family.... I already used my dad. Every other guy on his side of the family is kind of a DB or I don't like the name. My grandpa, my mom's dad, has a cool middle name but it's also my brothers middle name and since I used my dad's name I don't want to take my grandpa's middle name in case my brother and his wife decide to have kids and want to use it. (did that make any sense) As of 1:24AM I am thinking (besides the thought that I should be in bed asleep) that I will use Ron's middle name. 

Examples of Ron's family being: Ralph, Larry, Captolia, Harry, Ira...... do you see my point.  These names all fit the personalities of the men who carried them... but they don't fit well with me and the names I am choosing for boys. Examples of my side of the family being: Fred, Samuel (I love that name, but it's my brother's name too and he may want to use it on his kids so I'm leaving that one untouched)......

So here I sit. Wondering why I'm even fretting about this, I am only 17 weeks and have several months to figure it out. But still freaking out that I only have one boy name written down and I really don't even like it.

ALSO I want to add that when your last name is the same as your first name (my name is Lacie Lacy) it makes naming your kid harder because even though I have lived with the name for 7 years now... it still is silly.